Aug 26, 2007
Hockey Star Brett Hull and SoundImage Team Up.
Professional hockey superstar Brett Hull has had an 18-year Hall of Fame career in the NHL and is third on the all-time list for goals scored with 741. His father, Bobby Hull, ranks 12th on that list with 610 goals. He recently signed with the Phoenix Coyotes for the upcoming season.

When it came time to choose a technology solution for the new home Hull has built in Dallas, he scored big-time by turning to Crestron dealer SoundImage of Carrolton, TX and owner Tony Militello to assist their goals.

With a team of experienced and educated designers, technicians, and office staff, Soundimage has grown from a home office and garage with one truck to a 5,000 square foot office warehouse and a fleet of five SUVs in just seven short years.

“This project was not the most elaborate we have ever installed, but certainly one of the most efficient,” says Militello.“Since our company started installing Crestron, I have been amazed with the ever-growing possibilities of Total Home Technology.”

Hull’s system consists of a centrally located equipment rack distributing to
three separate viewing and listening areas.

To do this effectively, some items are shared and others are dedicated. To simplify the programming, Soundimage elected to up-convert all sources to component.

Since only one CNX-PVID8X3 video distribution processor is being used, the display devices stay on the component input and save outputs on the PVID8.

To minimize the use of rack space for not interfacing equipment a remote rack was used to store the PVID, PAD8, power supply and distribution amplifiers.

The Trophy Room, which includes replicas of the Stanley Cups Hull won with Dallas in ‘99 and Detroit in ’02, uses a wall mounted TPS-2000L & the waterproof WPR-48.

The Master Suite features a Crestron MT-500 MiniTouch remote and a CNX-RMC receives the component video signal from the CNX-PVID 8X3. Download Full Article in PDF Format

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